How do I book if I have a disability?

A person with a disability will board for 20.00 Euro for a 90 minute boat trip.

In each case, the person booking must indicate if they intend to travel with a registered carer – and the carer, after verification, will be transported free of charge.

It is important for each person to clarify the cost of their trip and confirm identification details BEFORE they book on the website.


Are there toilets on the boat?

No there are no toilets on our boat but there are toilets for people with disability 100 meters from our boat mooring location. Our new accessibility centre will have a state of the art changing places suite, opening shortly.


Is the service exclusively for people with disabilities?

No Lough Ree access for all CLG has a policy for non-segregation. This means we encourage abled bodied visitors and guests to travel together for recreational activities and sport.


Will the boat travel in all weathers?

Depending on weather conditions the route of your sailing may be adjusted to more sheltered areas.


How Can I Book For Tomorrow?

Booking within 24hrs will require you to call us on 0892625505


Can I Bring any animals on the boat?

No animals are permitted on Lough Ree Access For All boat except for registered care / guide dogs which must be notified in advance to Lough Ree Access For All Team prior to booking.